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"After my first session with Anna it was immediately apparent why she has the reputation she does: she is by far one of the most skilled and talented therapists out there. Thanks so much!"

- David B.

"Anna is an exceptional massage therapist in that she is knowledgeable, experienced and intuitive. I highly recommend!!!"

-Mary Ann

I recently had my first baby and saw Anna throughout my entire pregnancy. Anna has always catered my massage to whatever I am going through at the time and I will continue to see her to help, manage, and prevent my pain in the future. I don't know what I would have done without the help from Anna and I can't recommend her enough. I had no idea how important choosing the right massage therapist was until I met Anna! She also has a very convenient location right in Copley Square and very reasonable prices."

-Jade D.

"I highly recommend Anna Scire for massage therapy. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome as a teenager and have been getting regular massages ever since. I have very high standards for massage therapists and Anna is the best in Boston. I have been seeing her almost weekly for the past seven years and she's only gotten better over time. She uses several different techniques and is good at adjusting pressure based on what you need/prefer. She has an astute knowledge of anatomy, which means she always gets to the true source of my pain. She finds knots in muscles that I didn't even know existed! I always leave feeling so much better. I've referred multiple friends and colleagues to Anna and they've become regular clients of hers. 

In addition to being an exceptional practitioner, Anna is caring, compassionate, and humorous. She's happy to chat with you or let you relax without the pressure of carrying on a conversation. And she has excellent taste in music; she finds just the right massage soundtrack without relying on new age chimes or nature sounds :)

Anna is also trained in Zero Balancing and Kinesio Taping. I've tried both with great results."

- Julie T.

"Anna is a miracle worker! As a very active person and former competitive athlete, she has been amazing in helping me through the knots, tightness, and other muscular issues that seem to pile up a lot more now that I'm on the wrong side of 30. In particular, Anna has helped me through two particularly acute episodes of piriformis syndrome, and I now swear by getting regular bodywork from her. Her complete knowledge of anatomy and impeccable technique are unmatched in my experience. She always finds the areas that are tight or out of balance and applies the right therapeutic technique to resolve the issue. Anna has my wholehearted and unwavering endorsement as the best massage therapist in Boston!" 

-Allen N.

"Anna is by far the best massage I've ever had.   And I try and get a massage once a week.  Don't let her small frame fool you, this woman has got power behind her.  She has an incredible sense of assessing exactly what needs to be worked on and determining just the right level of touch for her clients.  I've recommended Anna to many friends and colleagues and they have all raved about how amazing she is.  

There's only 1 thing they comment on, which is how tough it is to get an appt, since she's always booked!  So log on and grab the best appointments early, oh yeah and be prepared to have one of most therapeutic experiences ever."

-Francis S.

"I would HIGHLY recommend Anna to anyone who suffers from pain or wants a great massage. I have been seeing Anna for a year now after 3 years of chronic back pain. Anna is skilled, knowledgeable, and takes the time to really understand how I am feeling and how she can help in each session. I have also sent my boyfriend and mother to see her and they both raved about their sessions. Even after moving closer to Harvard Square, I still come back to the Back Bay to see Anna. I have seen many massage therapists to try to resolve my back pain, and she truly is the best. In fact, I can't even really go to anyone else anymore because they don't live up to the high bar that Anna has set. In conclusion -- go to Anna! Don't bother to go to a spa -- you will get much better service with Anna."

-Kirby G.

"I highly recommend Anna to anyone who suffers from muscular pain or just wants a wonderful massage! I have seen Anna for the past few years after suffering from terrible back and neck pain for four years prior to that. I went to countless doctors, massage therapists, chiropractors, received acupuncture, physical therapy, tried many medications etc and I could not find anything that relieved my pain. Only after I saw Anna regularly did I receive any relief. Anna's amazing skill and knowledge about the body as well as her great personality and professionalism has kept me seeing her all of these years. 

"Anna has been my massage therapist for over 4 years now. I remember the very first time she used her deep tissue technique on me, I broke into a sweat! She loosened all the knots on me - no pain, no gain. Anna puts in 100% into her work and she is highly experienced. I was seeing another massage therapist before Anna, she was pretty good but I had a chance to try Anna when my old therapist left the country for a while. It takes a while to find that perfect therapist for you and I highly recommend you try Anna once and decide for yourself."

-Jay S. 

"A good friend of my recommended Anna to me for my chronic back pain, and that was about seven years ago.  Anna is one of the best therapists out there and the only one for me.  I’ve tried others and no one compares to Anna’s techniques.  She’s very knowledgeable in her work and cares for her patients. She always gives me suggestions and uses techniques that help alleviate my overworked muscles.  I am someone who is active and always hurting myself in my workout sessions at the gym.  I am very happy that I was introduced to Anna, and I strongly recommend her to you.  If you are into sports and over strain your muscles like I do, Anna is the person to go to."

-Claudia G.

"I saw Anna throughout my last two pregnancies and I wish I had found her for my first one too. Her treatment doesn't compare with any of the other pregnancy massages I have tried. She was an immense help with the sciatic flare-ups and kept me pain-free. I don't know what I wouldn't have done without her. I continue seeing her now, nursing and carrying my kids takes a toll. A life saver!"

-Margaret B.


Anna is amazing, but not the place to go for a "fluffy" relaxation massage with scented candles and hot stones. This is serious body work. I have seen Anna for specific pain, prenatal (awesome! She is not afraid to work hard on pregnant ladies), postnatal, and just general maintenance. I always feel better the next day! Book early, she's always full!"

- Leah T

"I've only gone to one massage therapist, and I don't think I'll ever be going anywhere else anytime."

-Miller G.

"Anna has been my therapist for years. Before seeing her, I had never been satisfied with any therapist since I have a serious issue of my body related with my work almost all my life. But once she started to work my issue, it really was a night and day!!!! She is extremely professional and anatomical knowledge is very exceptional. (Of course she teaches at the school as well…) She can assess my issue right away and work hard with it. I have been with a lot of therapists but she is the truly the best I have ever had. Now I don't know what to do if I cannot see her…. And also she is very dedicated to her patients and she goes beyond to take care of them. I've been so lucky to have her as my therapist and hope she can keep me as her patient forever!!!!"
-Kumi K.

"As an active person with perennial issues, Anna has been a great fit to my overall health and well-being.  There have been countless times that I have been on the table with knots or tightness in my neck, shoulders, and low back.  Not only does she find that one spot causing all the discomfort, she dislodges it and overall bodily relief is triggered.  Even with my own deep tissue release, post workout, Anna finds the areas I cannot seem to resolve on my own.  With her help, I recover faster, and longer, allowing me to hit the weights or cardio sooner.  I cannot imagine how anyone would not benefit from regular deep tissue work from Anna."

-Jennifer L.


"I was diagnosed with Patellofemoral Syndrome while training for the Boston marathon. After PT and Anna's Deep Tissue/Sports massages, I felt better. Anna used Kinesio Tape before every practice run and for the race. I found it extremely helpful and I managed to run the race pain-free!"

-Nicolas P.

"Anna is one of the few therapists that will give you the massage you are looking for to meet your therapeutic needs. I have received bodywork from her many times and have always been extremely satisfied with the outcome. I suffer from low back pain and have gotten tremendous results from her work. If you are in need of quality bodywork to best fit your needs, you need to book an appointment with her. She is highly experienced in clinical massage therapy and develops specific treatment plans with you so you know you are getting exactly what you need. She does not do SPA WORK!"

-Scott C.

"Anna is an exceptional therapist. Her extensive following is a testament to not only her skills as a bodyworker but also as a compassionate and warm soul. If you only have a chance to meet her once you automatically feel as if you've known her for years. She cares about people and the world. It's something tangible and transferred in the way she works. Anna understands people and she understands muscles. It's a perfect mix. Know that when you step through her door, you are in good hands."

-Sharon H.

"As an endurance runner, Anna was a godsend throughout my training for the Boston Marathon. Her expertise with sports massage helped me run more effectively and stay injury-free. I highly recommend her for serious athletes!"
-Janet S.

"I get massages whenever I can wherever I go. Anna has been a real revelation. she is BY FAR the best I ever had. forget about stone-spa-aromatherapy. This is very no frills just really, really good massage. During my pregnancy I had many problems with my hips and lower back pain. She helped me every time and I always felt as good as new afterwards. In fact I feel a few years younger whenever I leave her!"

-Hello C.

""I have suffered with migraines for the past 15 years and have visited countless massage therapists over this time to help ease my tight neck and shoulder muscles.  From the first time Anna did her magic on me, I felt I died and went to heaven!  She has the hands of an angel with the strength of an ox! Along with her extensive knowledge of the working muscles and joints of the body, she has worked miracles on me and I know countless other clients as well, including many of my friends.  Since I've been seeing Anna, my headaches have lessened and for that alone, I'll always be appreciative."
-Anita A.

"If you are an active person like myself, and suffer from muscular pain, I highly recommend Anna.  She has the "Midas Touch."  She's very knowledgeable and extremely talented.   I have tried others, and regret it later.  She knows the proper pressure and techniques to use that others cannot compare to her.
I highly recommend her - she's the best!"


"I had only had a couple of massages in my life and didn't know what I was missing until I received a massage from Anna.  Now I am a regular client.  I feel much better when receiving massages from Anna frequently, especially during the summer when I am doing a significant amount of cycling.  She looks for and addresses my particular trouble areas due to cycling (e.g., neck, upper back and shoulders, hip flexors).  I have several friends who are also clients of Anna and they too feel that Anna treats them with a focus on their unique needs.  I highly recommend Anna's massages!"

-Susan C.

"Hi, I'm a researcher at MIT and I suffer from unbearable repetitive strain injury on my right shoulder and arm. This is a result of doing experiments with an unsupported limb for hours at a stretch - months in a row. A colleague who had a similar injury raved about Anna Scire, and I started going as well.Anna really helps with her clinical massage and is very supportive of my back pain. Chronic pain sufferers will agree that the concept of "PAIN" never really leaves you 24-7, and with her skilled support and massages, I am now conquering the pain, and I am not on medication (ibuprofen) anymore. I really recommend Anna Scire for her help and effort with my condition, thank you Anna! *hugs*"

-Juliana C.

"I have been going to Anna for body work for over 8 years now, and she is hands down the best there is in the Boston area. She is an incredibly knowledgeable and skilled massage therapist, and she is deeply committed to the health and well-being of her clients. I have recommended Anna to several friends and colleagues who have also experienced positive results after working with her. I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

-Karey K.

"Anna is hands down the best massage therapist I've ever seen.  She listens intently to the issues I have with my body and addresses them in each session accordingly.  Being an avid swimmer I know that Anna will keep my muscles ready for my next swim.  She's extremely personable and cares about the outcome of each session.  I recommend Anna for any type of massage, whether you just need relaxation or if you need a more focused massage on certain muscles.  She's as good as it gets."

-Seth W. 

"I can't say enough great things about Anna. I have been going to her for over 4 years and she has helped me stay injury free through my long distance running endeavors! She makes you feel comfortable from the first time you meet her and truly cares about her clients. I don't think I would be able to enjoy my running as much as I do without Anna's help!"
-Shannon P.

"I have worked with Anna for the past 5+ years, and have been getting massages regularly for the past 10-15 years.  Anna is hands down (no puns intended) THE BEST massage therapist I have ever worked with.  I have had varying degrees of back / neck / shoulder pain over the years, and generally have very tight leg muscles from not stretching enough.  Anna is able to provide intense, targeted deep-tissue massage therapy that addresses all of my issues.  Seriously, I would speak more glowingly about Anna, but I am afraid if too many people catch on to this little secret, it will become more challenging for me to schedule future appointments!"
-Brett F. 

"I have been seeing Anna for the past four years about every 3 weeks. She always tailors the appointment to your body's present needs and never runs out of time before addressing the different problems areas discussed. I have chronic tightness in my shoulder, wrist, and thumb from using the mouse all day at work. I am sure that I would have had surgery by now if it weren't for Anna!"
-Adrianne H.


"Anna is simply amazing! She’s a true professional and expert massage therapist. I’ve been seeing her for the past four or so years. I initially started seeing Anna for knee, lower back and hip pain fueled by my triathlon training and sitting in front of a computer all day. What others had treated with Cortisone shots, Anna was able to heal with her hands. She pin pointed my problem areas and with regular massages, I was able to compete in my races pain free. Fast forward to the present day and I’m now seeing her for prenatal massages. With all of the changes my body was going through, I started to have pain again in my lower back and hips. I feared that it was going to be a long pregnancy if I was already feeling this way at only month 3. As soon as I resumed regular visits with Anna I was able to eliminate the pain. I can’t say enough good things about Anna and I highly recommend seeing her!"
- Kristin P.

"After having three kids my body had taken a beating. I had lipo and tummy tuck. Anna has helped me so much specially during the first weeks when I felt uncomfortable. I had a lot of relief after each treatment and the results were amazing. I am so happy I found her!"

-Valerie B.

“I moved to Boston two years ago and found Anna at Boston Bodyworker (now she has her own practice).  I've had bodywork done for many years in other cities in which I have lived, and was glad to find someone so competent in Boston.  She takes pride in her patients, listens to your issues, and works with you to get the most out of each session.  Her knowledge of the body is immediately evident; as an athlete Anna has helped me understand where the pain and/or tightness is coming from, and works with me not only in her office but also suggests exercises to do on my own to help relieve discomfort.  See Anna once and you won't be let down!”

-Whitney T.

"I became a fan of Zero Balancing from my very first visit. It was amazing! Anna suggested that I set an intention.  I’d been feeling kind of scattered, so I decided to focus on becoming more grounded.  Midway through the treatment I became aware of an energetic force - like a cloud of energy - hovering over my body.  By this time I felt completely relaxed, and I had drifted into a light, comfortable meditative state — aware of all that was going on around me and able to respond to Anna’s questions, but supremely at peace, almost like I was floating.

At the end of the session I I felt really good — balanced and loose, refreshed and relaxed., I had this tremendous sense of connection to the ground I realized in that moment that I had become more grounded, indeed.

I see Anna for Zero Balancing as often as I can, and I recommend Anna’s ZB to everyone I know."

-Jenny L.

"Seeing Anna regularly for massage and Zero Balancing over the course of the past year has exponentially improved my overall wellness. She is an amazing listener, knowledgeable, intuitive, has a warm, relaxed, intelligent presence and is an incredibly skilled practitioner. I had never experienced Zero Balancing until I did a session with Anna, and it has become an integral part of my healing from an autoimmune disease. The effects of a Zero Balancing session with Anna are hard to put into words, but I can say that I’ve never felt such a sense of deep relaxation and integration. I also have to recommend Anna for regular massage, as she is exceptionally gifted as a masseuse. As far as I’m concerned, Anna is THE go-to practitioner in Boston for sustained wellness!"

-Megan G.

After having had visited more than a dozen or so massage therapists over the years, I finally came across Anna and have never considered anyone else. I am very selective and judicious about anyone attending to my physical issues and Anna continues to impress me with her knowledge and abilities as a bodyworker. As an older but active athletic man, I had experienced numerous issues with fatigued muscles, joint tightness, lower back pain, etc. I have seen a significant improvement in my overall wellbeing with far fewer spasms, much great movement and range of motion. There is no better massage therapist than Anna Scire.

-Bob R.

Amazing experience!!
I've had musculoskeletal challenges 25+ years and been to many LMTs, chiropractors, etc. Anna is top notch! Deep tissue massage is a specialized subfield and I was not able to find anyone in the Boston area before Anna. I've also had kinesio taping as part of recovery for knee surgery (never had like a tape exoskeleton. Helped so much!). Cannot recommend Anna enough! (If you're like me and need true deep tissue, you will bruise 😂)

-Ernie G.

I started seeing Anna during chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer. She was an integral part of my healing process. Her touch and compassion was such a relief and a relaxing break from the hospital and all the medical procedures. Years after I am still seeing her regularly. I would highly recommend Anna during such stressful time.

-Watanabe H.

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