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Self-lymphatic drainage

Three minute morning brushing routine

for a healthy lymphatic system*

Lower Body

  • Apply light, even pressure on your skin with the dry brush.

  • Use straight strokes or circular movements towards the heart.

  • Pick up the brush up after each stroke is complete and start again.

  • Do not stroke away from the heart.

  • Stroke 3-7 times in one area before moving to the next one

  • Begin at your knee caps and stroke towards the groin. Move from knee to groin all around the thigh. Repeat on the other thigh.

  • Move to the buttocks brushing towards the lower back.

  • Next, stroke from your ankle up to your knee cup, just like you did with the upper thigh. Repeat on the other leg.

  • Finish stroking from the ankle to the groin in one long, even movement over the whole leg.

Upper Body

  • Raise your arm above the heart and stroke from wrist to armpit. Repeat on the other arm. Repeat on the other arm.

  •  Use the long handle brush to stroke from your lower back and upper shoulders to your armpit.

  • Gently brush your chest towards your centerline or the armpits.

  • Use the brush in a clockwise direction on your stomach making seven circles around your belly button.

  • Use your fingertips with light pressure to stroke down your neck from your jaw line to the clavicles.


lymphatic flow, dry brushing

*Kindly reprinted with permission from "The Rain Barrel Effect"

by Dr. Stephen Cabral

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